OPTO-CH 2017 Workshop

Laser technologies in Cultural Heritage analysis, diagnosis and conservation

June 19-24, 2017


OPTO-CH 2017 workshop will introduce participants to applications of advanced laser-based technologies in Cultural Heritage (CH) science, diagnostics and conservation.
Lectures from experts on modern laser diagnostic and analytical techniques, as well as on laser cleaning methodologies will be combined with practical demonstrations and laboratory hands-on sessions.
Two days of field tests and experiments on-site at selected monuments in Crete is also foreseen.


Application deadline:  March 19, 2017
Notice of acceptance:  March 22, 2017
OPTO-CH 2017 workshop: June 19-24, 2017


The lectures will introduce participants to the cultural background and conservation environment of the Eastern Mediterranean, and Crete in particular, and to the general concepts and principles of operation of each laser-based technique with emphasis on their analytical and diagnostic potential and applications. Selected examples and case studies will be thoroughly analysed to illustrate how optical technologies can be used in CH research and conservation.

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