Dr. Paraskevi Pouli

Paraskevi Pouli is a Principal Application Scientist at IESL-FORTH, Photonics for Heritage Science group, in charge of developing novel laser technologies for restoration of art and antiquities.

Prof. Costas Fotakis

Costas Fotakis is currently an Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Crete and Distinguished Member of the Foundation Organization for Research and Technology (FORTH). He has served as Alternate Minister for Research and Innovation from January 2015 till July 2019. During this time, he designed and implemented Research and Innovation policies in Greece and participated in the EU Research Ministers Council.

Dr. Vivi Tornari

Vivi Tornari Studied Optical Holography at the Royal College Art in London (RCA, Royal) in the interdisciplinary department with the Imperial College of Science Technology Medicine (ICSTM, Imperial) and V&A Museum; with European and British scholarships.

Dr. Panagiotis Siozos

Panagiotis Siozos (PhD in the field of interaction of strong laser pulses with molecules from Physics Department, University of Ioannina, Greece). He has research experience for over ten years in various research fields related to laser-physics and he is involved in a number of research projects having a significant number of publications and participation in conferences.

Dr. Aggelos Philippidis

Aggelos Philippidis received his Doctorate degree from Chemistry Department, University of Crete, Greece, in 2009. His thesis was on the study of molecular compounds metal-chalcogenides: Synthesis, Characterization and study of their solution chemistry….

Mr. Kostas Hatzigiannakis

Kostas Hatzigiannakis (M) is a Physicist MSc and a research scientist at IESL-FORTH. His activities are related to the development and applications of laser and imaging systems for diagnostic purposes with emphasis in the CH field while among his research and technological interests is materials laser processing.


Dr. Anastasia Giakoumaki is currently an experienced Research Assistant at IESL-FORTH. Her research aims at the development of methodologies and instrumentation based on laser spectroscopy techniques (e.g. LIBS, LIF, Raman etc) targeted for applications in the field of heritage science diagnostics.

Ms Kristalia Melessanaki

Ms. Kristalia Melessanaki is an art conservator, graduated from the School of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art in Athens (1999). Since 1998 she has been a staff member of IESL-FORTH, involved in several research projects.