Books & invited chapters

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  1. “Laser Cleaning on Stonework: Principles, Case Studies, and Future Prospects”, P. Pouli, Invited Chapter; Springer Nature Switzerland AG, F. Gherardi, P. N. Maravelaki (eds.), Conserving Stone Heritage, Cultural Heritage Science, 2022;
  2. “Open-air Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)”, I. Malegiannaki, D. Anglos, Analytical Strategies for Cultural Heritage Materials and their Degradation, 1, 45-74, (2021);
  3. “Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in heritage science”, D. Anglos; in “Chemical Analysis in Cultural Heritage”, edited by L. Sabbatini, I. D. van der Werf, De Gruyter GmbH, Berlin, Chapter 4, pp. 77-98. 2020;
  4. “Laser Cleaning”, P. Pouli, Invited chapter in “The Encyclopedia of Archaeological Sciences”, Sandra L. López Varela (Ed), 2018,
  5. “Laser Tools in Archaeology and Conservation. How Far Can We Get?” A. Philippidis, P. Siozos, Z.E. Papliaka, K. Melessanaki, K. Hatzigiannakis, M. Vakondiou, G. Manganas, K. Diamanti, A. Giakoumaki, D. Anglos, Chapter in “Best Practices of Geoinformatic Technologies for the Mapping of Archaeolandscapes” A. Sarris (Ed.), Archaeopress Publishing Ltd, Oxford, 2015, .pp. 261-269, ISBN 9781784911621
  6. “Une technique prototype du nettoyage au laser pour les sculptures et les monuments de l’Acropole d’Athènes, Grèce”, P. Pouli, C. Fotakis, E. Papakonstantinou, K. Frantzikinaki, A. Panou, A. Frantzi, C. Vasiliadis in MONUMENTAL 2015 Semestriel 2, Dossier Arles, p. 98-101 (in French)
  7. “Cultural heritage applications of LIBS”, Demetrios Anglos and Vincent Detalle; Chapter in “Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy – Theory and Applications“, Springer Series in Optical Sciences vol. 182, Eds. S. Musazzi and U. Perini, (Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg 2014), pp. 531-553,  ISBN: 978-3-642-45084-6 (Print) 978-3-642-45085-3 (Online)
  8. An Integrated Approach To The Study And Preservation Of Paintings Using Laser Light Technology; Diagnosis, Analysis And Cleaning”, P. Pouli, K. Melessanaki, V. Tornari, E. Bernikola, G. Filippidis, D. Anglos, C. Fotakis, invited Chapter no 14 in “The Science and Art: The Painting Surface”, edited by A. Sgamellotti, B.G. Brunetti, C. Miliani, Royal Society of Chemistry, Chapter 14, p. 287-313 (2014) ISBN- 978-1-84973-636-7
  9. “Laser technology for chemical analysis, structural diagnosis and cleaning of byzantine painted artworks”, P. Pouli, Invited Chapter 5 in “Technology and Informatics in Cultural Heritage; applications on byzantine Icons”, ed. N. Miridis (University of Macedonia Press, Thessaloniki, 2014), Chapter 5, p 111-155 (2013) (in Greek) ISBN 978-960-8396-78-4
  10. “Photonic Technologies for the Safeguarding of Cultural Assets” by C. Cucci and V. Tornari in “Photonics for Safety and Security” edited by: Antonello Cutolo (University of Sannio, Italy), Anna Grazia Mignani (CNR – Institute of Applied Physics ‘Nello Carrara’, Italy), Antonella Tajani (CNR, Italy) Nov 2013, pp. 67-87, doi: 10.1142/9789814412971_0004 -ISBN: 978-981-4412-96-4
  11. The removal of surface deposits from the sculptures of Aiani archaeological Museum with laser irradiation” M. Lykiardopoulou-Petrou, P. Pouli, in “The archaeological works in Ano Macedonia, 1, 2009”, Proceedings of the Symposium on “The archaeological and historic research in Ano Macedonia during the year 2009”, 187-201 (2011) (in Greek with English abstract), ISBN 978-960-214-993-5.
  12. A systematic approach for the damage assessment of museum metals collections based on statistics and portable techniques: the case study of Ancient Messene, Greece”, M. Giannoulaki, V. Argyropoulow, T. Panou, G. Michalakakos, A. G. Karydas, V. Kantarelou, D. Anglos, A Giakoumaki, V. Perdikatsis, C. Apostolaki, P. Themelis, S. Poulimenea, in “Case Studies on Research Planning, Characterisation, Conservation and Management of Archaeological Site“, British Archaeological Reports International Series 1877, Eds. N. Marchetti, I. Thuesen, pp. 121-129 (Archaeopress, UK, 2008)
  13. “Mobile Micro-XRF and LIBS spectrometers for diagnostic micro-analysis of ancient metal objects”, A.G. Karydas, D. Anglos, M.A. Harith, Chapter 6 in “Metals and Museums in the Mediterranean”, V. Argyropoulos, ed. pp.141-177 (2008).


  1. Lasers in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage; Principles and applications”, Fotakis C., D. Anglos, V. Zafiropulos, S. Georgiou, V. Tornari, Ed. R. G. W. Brown, E. R. Pike (Taylor and Francis, New York 2006).

​Click to download the list of PhoHS group contributions in Books and Invited Chapters