Other National and International Projects

LASTOR Lasers for stonework restoration GSRT 2003-2006 OLOTEK Holographic method and system development for structural assessment of artworks GSRT2003-2006 MOBiLART Mobile laser art conservation laboratory GSRT 2005-2007 LATECA Laser technology in conservation of artworks GSRT1995-1998 EMERIC II Risk Map for the assessment of wall paintings of the Byzantine monuments in Crete CRINNO,- Crete Innovative Region […]


MS. PAPANIKOLAOU ATHANASIA Career IESL – FORTH, Msc, Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece (2015-2019) 2016,Bacherlo,Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece DR. PAPADAKIS VASSILIS Career IESL – FORTH, Post Doc (2002-2014) IMBB-FORTH, Post Doc (2014- today) MS. BERNIKOLA IRINI Career IESL – FORTH, MSc in Art Conservation Science, Aristoteleion Apnepistimion THessalonikis, Greece (2005-2017) […]