Other National and International Projects

LASTOR Lasers for stonework restorationGSRT
OLOTEKHolographic method and system development for structural assessment of artworks GSRT
MOBiLARTMobile laser art conservation laboratory GSRT
LATECALaser technology in conservation of artworksGSRT
EMERIC IIRisk Map for the assessment of wall paintings of the Byzantine monuments in CreteCRINNO,-
Crete Innovative Region
The ACROPOLIS MUSEUM,  Launch an “open common laboratory” in collaboration with the Acropolis Museum in which modern laser-based diagnostic and imaging techniques will be used for expanding the historic knowledge of the artifacts and deciding the best conservation practices for the exhibits​
ATHENS ACROPOLIS MONUMENTSDevelopment of a methodology and a laser system for the cleaning of the Parthenon
West Frieze and other Acropolis Sculptures and MonumentsBilateral collaboration with the Committee for the Preservation of the Acropolis Monuments EΣMA,
Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism