Welcome Dr. Anastasia Giakoumaki

September 01, 2020

Our group is delighted to welcome Dr. Anastasia Giakoumaki as our new experienced Research Assistant, to perform research aiming at the development of methodologies and instrumentation based on laser spectroscopy techniques (e.g. LIBS, LIF, Raman etc) targeted for applications in the field of heritage science diagnostics.

Anastasia holds a Ph.D in Materials Science, an M.Sc in Protection of Monuments and a Diploma in Chemical Engineering. She has worked for years as a Senior Applications Scientist in a company designing and building LIBS systems in the UK after having worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Spanish universities.

Her research interests include among others the development of portable spectroscopic instrumentation for the characterisation and analysis of materials in archaeological objects and artworks. She has participated in various analytical campaigns in museums and archaeological sites in Greece, Spain, Italy (Pompeii), Syria and Jordan using LIBS, Raman, XRF and DRIFTS portable instruments and has nearly 30 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and books.