IPERION -CH.gr / E-rihs.gr SEMINAR

September 24, 2020

The aim of  this SEMINAR is to present the latest developments of IPERION-CH.gr  (E-RIHS.gr)  the Heritage Science node of the cross-disciplinary National Research Infrastructure HELLAS-CH operating at FORTH.

E-RIHS.gr organizes, on September 24, 2020, an on-line webinar as a part of the HELLAS-CH project of the “ELI Synergy – LASER LAB Europe, HIRER & IPERION-CH.gr”.

This on-line webinar is part of the HELLAS-CH infrastructure of HELLAS-CH and is a planned action of the “Networking” Work Package of the above project in order to enhance the cooperation between the research institutes and the users and to make the IRERION-CH.gr infrastructure known to the public.

Please note that a 5 min registration is required and all presentations will be in Greek.

For further info and registration please follow the link: https://hellasch.iesl.forth.gr/?page_id=437 

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