Are you interested in pursuing your next research project at FORTH, Heraklion, Crete?

April 11, 2020

The Photonics for Heritage Science group [] is seeking expressions of interest from young, motivated individuals with strong team spirit, enthusiastic for carrying out competitive research and capable of developing new ideas and collaborations in a highly cross-disciplinary environment.

Current topics of research focus on:

1. Applications of advanced laser-based and optical technologies in Heritage conservation [P. Pouli].

2. Applied optics and spectroscopy in relation to Heritage Science with emphasis on the development of mobile analytical and/or remote sensing instrumentation [D. Anglos].

3. Developing analytical spectroscopic protocols for the high-throughput analysis of archaeological bio-organic residues [D. Anglos].

4. Characterisation and laser conservation of glazed ceramics [P. Pouli].

5. Instrumentation development and system integration with emphasis on engineering and software development aspects [D. Anglos].

So, if you feel like carrying out your post-doctoral research with us please send a copy of your CV at

Candidates are required to hold a PhD in Sciences or Engineering and have demonstrated research experience and accomplishments in relevance to the topics listed above. Acquaintance with archaeological materials/conservation issues of historical objects is positively considered.

Exceptional candidates at the pre-doctoral level will be also considered.

Formal job calls are expected to come out in early 2020 (will be published here []) and appointments are expected to start in spring 2020.