2022 SeaFront Project

New progress on elemental mapping of “archaeological shells”

“SeaFront project” 1st visit at IESL – FORTH

February 21- March 04, 2022

Over the last two weeks, we hosted Niklas Hausmann and Danai Theodoraki for a first project meeting for the Seafront project, which is based at the RGZM in Mainz, Germany. Together we are testing a new system that was developed by Victor Pinon, Andreas Lemonis, Panagiotis Siozos and Demetrios Anglos, to use LIBS for the elemental mapping of archaeological mollusc shells. These maps help to understand how shells grew and under which environmental conditions they lived.

Testing the new LIBS-System on shells proved hugely successful and we were able to improve the data acquisition time by more than an order of magnitude compared to the prototype that was developed 2016–2018, so that each scan only takes 5–10 minutes.

The system is still under construction and will get a nice casing to be safely used in non-laboratory environments.

More info : http://seafront-project.com/


NOTE: A smilar system is also offered from our laboratory as an IPERION-HS FIXLAB facility (https://www.iperionhs.eu/tool/75/)#heritagescienceIperion HSE-rihs.euE-RIHS.grLasers for Art’s Sake IESL – FORTH