Past Funding projects

2014 and down

CHARISMA, ​Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures: Synergy for a Multidisciplinary Approach to Conservation/ Restoration (FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2008-1, under Grant No. 228330 / 2009-2014)

SYDDARTA, ​SYstem for Digitisation and Diagnosis in ART Applications (FP7-ENV-2010, under Grant No.265151 / 2011-2014), &

CLIMATE FOR CULTURE, ​Damage risk assessment, economic impact and mitigation strategies for sustainable preservation of Cultural Heritage in the times of climate change (FP7-ENV-2008-1, under Grant No. 226973 / 2009-2014) &

ATHENA, ​A scientific training for high education initiatives in art conservation, (Marie Curie EST, FP6-MEST-CT-2004-504067 / 2004-2008)

PROMET, Innovative conservation approaches for monitoring and protecting ancient and historic metals collections from the Mediterranean basin (INCO-CT-2004, under Grant No. 509126 / 2004-2008)

LASERACT, Laser multitask non-destructive technology in conservation diagnostic procedures (EVK4-CT-2002-00096 / 2003-2006)

MultiEncode, Multifunctional encoding system for assessment of movable Cultural Heritage (SSPI-CT00-6427 / 2005-2008)

​Advanced on site laboratory for European antique heritage restoration ( CLT 2003-A1-RO-515 / 2003-2004)

Laser cleaning, ​Modeling and diagnostics of pulsed laser-solid interactions: application to laser cleaning (TMR Network FMRX-CT98-0095 / 1998-2002)

COST, Action G7 Advanced artwork restoration and conservation methods using laser techniques (2000-2005)

​CRAFT, Advanced workstations for controlled laser cleaning of artworks (EESD CRAFT ENV4- CT98- 0787 / 1998-2001)​

​RESTORE, Facade cleaning with lasers, EUREKA project (1997-1998)

​Laser ART, Non-intrusive laser measurement techniques for diagnostics of the state of conservation of frescoes, paintings and wooden icons (SMT4-CT96-2062 / 1996-1999)