International Collaborations


  • Prof. Yong LEI, Palace Museum, Beijing, CHINA, establishment and development of a joint laser laboratory entitled “NIKI: Chine-Greece Laser Technology Joint Laboratory on Cultural Heritage” (2016- today).
  • Prof. Yingjie Yu, Dept. of Precision Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072, China (2017).
  • Prof. Frank Matero, Dept. of Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania School of Design, collaborative training activities (2014-today).
  • AXA Art Insurance, US generously donated the painting and funding for the research of “A synergistic approach to the analysis and conservation of Reinhardt’s Black Painting” in collaboration with Carol Stringari at the Guggenheim Museum, New York , Chris McGlinchey at the MoMA, New York, Dr. Sjoerd Postma and Hans Scholten , Art Innovation BV, Netherlands (2002- 2008).
  • INSTAP-SCEC collaboration on the development of a laser induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument LMntI, for the analysis of archaeological samples, in close collaboration with Professor P.P. Betancourt  and Susan C. Ferrence (INSTAP, USA / 1999-2002).