​Sincere thanks …

Dear OPTO-CH 2018 HERACLES friends,

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you for your active participation in OPTO-CH 2018 HERACLES Summer Course “Laser technologies in Cultural Heritage analysis, diagnosis and conservation; The HERACLES project.
We are indeed very happy that you have been with us at Heraklion and hope that you found the workshop to have fulfilled its objectives, namely, to introduce the latest developments and achievements in the field, to give a real feeling on how a number of laser-based analytical and conservation tools may be used in research and practice, as well as to inform on the latest developments of the H2020 EU project HERACLES research as regards the effective resilience of Heritage monuments against climate events. We do also hope that you found useful the field tests and experiments that were performed on site at the Venetian fortress of Heraklion “Rocca a Mare”- Koules, on the last day of the summer course.
We are also grateful to our visiting lecturer Alberto de Tagle, as well as the HERACLES colleagues Giuseppina Padeletti, George Alexandrakis, Ilaria Catapano, Mario Costantini, Antonella Curulli, Joao Pedro Veiga, Gianperro Montesperelli, Kostas Demadis, Giannis Grammatikakis, Eliza Kavoulaki, Vasiliki Sythiakaki, Aggeliki Psaroudaki, Elpida Politaki and Tobias Hellmund, for enhancing the overall impact of the workshop with their excellent and high-level presentations.
A special thanks goes also to all the scientists and students that performed in-situ measurements at the Venetian fortress of Heraklion- Koules: IESL-FORTH: P. Siozos and O. Kokkinaki for LIBS, A. Philippidis and A. Micalou for Raman, S. Sotiropoulou and M. Constantinou for FTIR, CNR: I. Catapano and G. Ludeno for GPR and IACM-FORTH: S. Petrakis and G. Alexandrakis for Under-water acoustic surveying using swallow Side Scan Sonar.
Last but not least we would like to thank all the IESL-FORTH lecturers, technical and administrative personnel and students for participating to this summer course.

Once again thank you for your participation and keep in touch!

The OPTO-CH 2018 HERACLES organising committee

PS. Clik here to download the updated list of participants of the OPTO-CH 2018 HERACLES summer course